Aamir Khan’s show SATYAMEV JAYATE title music video launched in Mumbai

Aamir Khan has kept everything under wraps of his show SATYAMEV JAYATE. There is a huge suspense that shrouds the entire show. Hence no knows the format or the kind of show it is.

While everything is being kept under wraps about the format, Aamir Khan did manage to share a few details. When the title song of the show launched Aamir shared these details.

Show will be airing on Sunday morning slot of 11 a.m., starting May 6. Aamir chose this slot as he had fascination towards Mahabharat and Ramayana which had the same time slot.  Show will be only for 13 episodes.

When Aamir went for the title registration he came to know that ‘Satyame Jayate’ title cannot be registered as it belong to the country, yet the team decided to go with it.

Every episode will have a special song, all songs are composed by Ram Sampat. Music video or love song for country is shot by Ram Madhavani, written by Prasoon Joshi and music by Ram Sampat.