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Producers : Mohan Damle, Sanjay Sathye, Shriram Dandekar

Director : Vikram Gokhale

Story : Dr. Nitin Lavangare

Screenplay : Sameer Vidwans

Dialogues : Sameer Vidwans, Kshitij Patwardhan

Music : Narendra Bhide

Executive Producer : Rajesh Damle

Cast : Vikram Gokhale, Mukta Barve, Aniket Vishwasrao, Kadambari Kadam Desai, Suhas Joshi, Anant Jog, Arun Nalavde, Surekha Kudchi, Shashank Shende, Vidhyadhar Joshi, Vijay Kenkare, Nandini Jog, Madhav Abhyankar, Dipa Shriram and Dr. Amol Kolhe

                                                  Rating : * * * *

                                                  Vipul K. Shah

After God we all believe Doctor as human God because he saves our lives. But few of them have made this noble profession a business. Just for sake of money how one can play with somebody’s life? How a doctor can take any decision without concern of the patient? Talented actor Vikram Gokhale turns director with AAGHAAT and has shown his caliber extremely high. AAGHAAT tells us the story a corrupt and egoist doctor who has ruined many patient’s lives. But this film is not against medical profession but raises the question against the immorality or viciousness existing in the profession.

Dr. Smita Deshmukh (Mukta Barve) is doing M.S. She is senior resident at Navjivan Hospital and Research Center, Pune. Dr. Raj Khurana( Vikram Gokhale) is senior and experienced doctor working there. One day Sangeeta Pradhan (Kadambari Kadam Desai) comes to the hospital for consultation. Dr. Khurana advises her to get admitted for certain tests. Her left ovary is affected and need to be removed. Dr. Khurana wants to go home early as party is organised at his bunglow. But Dr. Smita insists her to do the operation of Sangeeta because everything is prepared in the operation theatre. So unhappily Dr. Khurana gets ready for the operation. In the OT he tells Dr. Smita to do the operation under his observation. She removes the affected left ovary but Dr. Khurana tells her to remove right ovary also. Report of right is going to come after three days.  So Dr. Smita tells to wait for three days. But Dr. Khurana is not ready and angrily orders her to follow the instructions. Removal of right ovary without knowing whether it is healthy or not means Sangeeta will not able to be a mother whole life. Dr. Smita does not obey. So Dr. Khurana orders another resident doctor present in the OT who then removes another ovary.

After operation Sangeeta suffers pain in her leg due to Thrombosis. She also has to face early menopause at the age of just 22. After three days report of right ovary comes normal stating that it is 100 % healthy. Dr. Smita gets angry and decides to teach lesson to Dr. Khurana. And then starts her fight against immorality…

The story is inspired from book ERROR OF JUDGEMENT written by Henry Denker. Vikram has done a lot of research about the subject, medical terms which are used FOR ONE YEAR. He has talked to 106 doctors all over world about Onco Surgery. All his hard work and detailing is seen in the film. None of the department is weak. That shows the talent of the director. Even in few scenes are dialogueless. Just expression of eyes conveys the right thing. In his debut venture as director Vikram has also done great job playing grey shaded character of Dr. Khurana.

Mukta Barve is one of talented actress of today. Her talent we have already watched in her previous films. She has done fabulous job as Dr. Smita Deshmukh. She is absolutely great.

Kadambari Kadam Desai is also brilliant. Suhas Joshi, Deepa Shriram, Arun Nalavade, Aniket Vishvasrao, Anant Jog, Dr. Amol Kolhe, Manoj Joshi, Smita Tambe, Kiran Kumar, Kiran Karmarkar and all the other actors have suppoted very well.

On the whole AAGHAAT is highly recommended MUST WATCH film. It is an awakening call. Marathi film industry is rising up since few years and this film adds one more feather to it.