A new twist in the story of HUM PHIR MILENGE on DD

HUM PHIR MILENGE a serial by Samvaad Video which telecasts every Monday and Tuesday night at 9 pm on Doordarshan’s National Network has gathered immense popularity in a short period. The story of HUM PHIR MILENGE starts with the business tycoon Chandni Malik purchasing a lavish mansion followed by an attempt on her life. Many other conflicts have occurred in between. Now that the serial has gained a lot of popularity, the Producer Director Rakesh Chowdhary gives the serial a new turn by taking the story into a flashback. From Tuesday the 25th September the serial HUM PHIR MILENGE will reveal a young Chandni and young Virendra and Narendra.

The story that happened between Chandni and Narendra’s family will be revealed.  With Chandni’s (Priya Bathija) struggle starts her journey. Chandni seeing the poverty of her family and parents starts working as a servant in the mansion of Amir Seth (Lalit Parimoo). Here she finds that Narendra (Sharhaan Singh) is a spoilt rich brat. And Narendra’s mother (Krutika Desai) is totally self-engrossed woman who at the same time is also frustrated. Seeing the environment within the mansion Chandni wonders if she should leave the job, but then looking at her own family’s dire situation, she is forced to continue work. During this period Narendra (Sharhaan Singh) tries unsuccessfully to molest her. Mala (Gunjan Khare) the cook in the mansion offers her whatever little support she can give. From here starts Chandni’s struggle and the story moves along with the ups and downs of Chandni’s life. With the progress of the story Chandni also meets Narendra’s younger brother Virendra (Vipul Roy). Virendra was studying in the city, and when he returns, Chandni finds that he absolutely different from the rest of the family. Narendra and Virendra are diametrically opposites. And at this stage the story has transformed into Chandni biography.

As the serial HUM PHIR MILENGE goes into a flashback a host of new artists will make their appearance. Many of these artists are performers who have a lot of experience. Priya Bhatija who plays the young Chandni has been appreciated in many serials including ‘Basera’.  Chandni’s mother is portrayed by the well-known artist Lata Haya. Sarharan Singh who plays Narendra has been seen prominently in the serial ‘Uttaran’ on Colors channel. Narendra and Virendra’s father is played by Lalit Parimoo who is well known on TV as well as films. And Krutika Desai who plays their mother is also a renowned artist who needs no introduction. Vipul Roy has been popular as the anchor of the show ‘Jhoome Naache Gaye’.

Rakesh Chowdhary the producer Director of the serial HUM PHIR MILENGE says, “The point at which our serials story stands right now, the audiences want to know the reasons behind Chandni’s decisions. Why Chandni refuses to allow her daughter to marry Narendra’s son. To clear all this, it has become essential to reveal the past 25 years of Chandni’s life. For this reason our story goes into a flashback. With the flashback the audience will be able to understand and relate to the struggle and turmoil of Chandni’s life. We are certain that Chandni’s story will touch the heart of every viewer.”