‘A’ certificate for HAPPY HUSBANDS is our bad luck : Anay

The makers of Hindi film HAPPY HUSBANDS have claimed that there film had been awarded ‘A’ certificate from the Central Board of Film Certification because it was watched by more women members than male members in the screening for the Censor certificate! In a press meet held to celebrate successful release of the film, actor-director Anay shared his experience with the Censor and explained how it ended up as a film meant for adults only.

Accodring to Anay, his films was screened in the Censor in front of a bench comprising of six members of which five members were female while only one was male. “Usually, any film shows to the Censor is watched by a bench having strength of three members each of both the genders. But I was really unlucky that when my film was shown, we had mostly female members. Though my film has no bold scenes and vulgar dialogues, they felt that it has too bold theme to award any other certificate than ‘A’,” said Anay.

HAPPY HUSBANDS was released last Friday across the country on more than 400 screens. It is a maiden venture of Phenomenal Crafts banner. Producer Suresh Sharma, while speaking to media, said that the film was doing really well compared to all other films released in March despite the ongoing cricket World Cup. “Distributors have informed us that the collections are constantly going up everywhere and the film has also witnessed packed houses at many centres. We are really happy the film is performing despite having only newcomers in the cast,” said Sharma.

HAPPY HUSNABDS stars Anay, Kurush Deboo, Mohit Ghai, Ahwaan, Archana among others. Besides enacted a lead role, Anay is its writer, director, lyricist and composer too.

Anay said that the ‘A’ certificate has proved to be a real double whammy for it as, “The family audience cannot come to watch it due to its certificate and those who go to watch it in cinema halls come out disappointed because they feel cheated as the film has nothing that can be called hot or vulgar to please them.” However, the makers’ spirit is high because of more than satisfactory performance of the film at the box office.

And that is one of the reasons why they have announced their next venture titled BEFIKRA. This time around, Anay and Suresh Sharma are making it bigger and better for all. According to Anay, BEFIKRA will be an actioner full of high voltage drama and entertainment. “We will be hiring a top action director from south for BEFIKRA. Not only that, the film will have seasoned technicians to look after other departments and even the casting will have many established actors to boost up film’s face value.”

The shooting of BEFIKRA will commence in June. It will be extensively shot in south as well as in Mumbai. In the meantime, Phenomenal Crafts is also toying with an idea of making sequel of HAPPY HUSBANDS too. When quizzed about this, Anay said smilingly, “Why not? We are just waiting to see the final outcome of HAPPY HUSBANDS. If we feel viewers have loved watching the film, we may go for its sequel.”

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