Rashtriya Rajiv Gandhi Awardee M.M.Satish and 3rd Rock tie up to combat anti piracy!

M.M.Satish (Founder- ‘I HATE FAKE’), said… “I am happy to have 3rd Rock entertainment agency joins the ‘I hate Fake’ campaign. The ‘I HATE FAKE’ worldwide movement is to educate the public in general how piracy not only eats into the economy and lives, but funding terrorism and has eventually become a parallel economy, a threat to the country. This is part of my NGO Global IPR foundation which is the only NGO in the world which deals in the cross section of fighting piracy, mainly in the areas of food, medicines, consumer items,” Announced M.M.Satish founder of the I HATE FAKE movement here at Andheri Mumbai, on December 22nd, at the Dockyard banquets, where a party was thrown for him in honor of him winning the Rashtriya Rajiv Gandhi Achievers Award for dedication to anti piracy awareness & action!

The celebrations saw many corporate big wigs like Sajid (of Sajid-Wajid), Neeraj Pathak,  Rahul Roy, Mukesh Rishi, Champak Jain, Ravi Behl, Shahbaz Khan, Kashmira Shah, Krishna Abhishek, Jaspinder Narula, Akbar Sami, & Hema Sardesai, were some of the bollywood Celebs who came in to felicitate the founder on his achievement. Mr. Suri of 3rd Rock said, “I hope to fight piracy along with M. M. Satish. I believe in the I HATE FAKE movement and will do everything in my capacity to fight piracy.”  Further elaborated M. M. Satish on receiving the award at the function, “It has not been easy. Today isn’t about me, but more towards a universal appeal to join our fight against piracy. This unseen menace has to stop. Whether it is adulterated baby milk, music, film or mineral water or even fake branded wear or liquor for that matter, it deeply permeates all aspects of life. I’m determined to make a difference for the lives of others and I request people like you to join me in this crusade. Join Global IPR Foundations efforts towards anti piracy!”

Piracy doesn’t only exit in fake Gucci bags or Nike shoes, film rolls and Music CD’s but permeates all aspects of life! Piracy is an unseen menace. It is about making the world a better place to live in, it’s about keeping the torch lit for many generations to enjoy and live in a cleaner world! M. M. Satish couldn’t have dedicated his life to a better cause in this fast paced electronic and instant duplication world!

It’s the very name that shakes the underworld nexus of pirates, someone who has taken bullets and risked his life for the crusade against piracy! M.M. Satish is truly synonymous with Anti-Piracy not only in India but abroad as well! Many are still unaware of the serious threat of piracy to international and national commerce, and human lives! M.M. Satish has tirelessly dedicated over 18 years in the fight against piracy. He has also represented India globally when on an US research exchange programme on the topic of anti piracy, on the invitation by Washington D.C.USA.  M. M. Satish founder of Global IPR foundation is dedicated to anti piracy has been a key figure in creating nationwide anti piracy awareness in areas of copyright law and anti piracy raids and drills in order to protect the public and industry interests, not only saving millions but fighting to keep the world clean for the next generation.