1st look of Marathi Film DAVPECH


Phoolgaon is a colourful village. Gulabrao Kaate is one of the prestigious person of this village and his business is selling flowers. Everybody’s name in this village is on some flower only. Everyone in this village stays very close under one roof. Phoolgaon is known not only for it is flowers but also for a unique game called ….PUNYA THEFT….

Punya Theft is one of the most exiting games played in the Phoolgaon. Almost all the villages come over to Phoolgaon to participate in this game. On a particular day and at a particular time, this game is played all through the night: from sunset to sunrise. And every year, the winner of this game becomes the Sarpanch of Phoolgaon. Since this game is very competitive, there are so many Dav Pench (tricks) applied to win the game.

Daadu is the boy who lives outside the forest. He brings in thieves from outside the village. These two best friends Vyankat and Nilkanth are very well experienced in the art of theft.

Now the question is, why Daadu has brought both of them to play this game?

Will the two of them help Daadu in winning it?

What will happen in this year Punya theft?

Whose tricks (daavpech) will be success?

This Never happens ………..and is never seen before…….

The film is releasing on 3rd December


Bharat Jadhav, Makrand Anaspure, Lokesh Gupte, Hemangi Kavi, Priyal Patil, Vaibhav Mangle and others

Guest Appearance: – Dr. Girish Oak, Jayawant Wadkar, Sushant Shelar


Banner : Murli Manohar Creations Pvt. Ltd.

Producer: – Smt Murli Manohar Borkar & Shri. Arjun Manohar Bokarkar

Director: – Sachin Vartak & Bhimrao Mude

Story: – Bhimrao Mude

Screenplay: – Sachin Mote & Bhimrao Mude

Dialogue: – Sachin Mote

Cinematography: – Raja Phadtare

Editor: – Rajesh Rao

Lyricist: – Manoj Yadav, sachin Mote

Music Director: – Rohan Pradhan, Devdatt Sable

Background Score:- Rohan Pradhan

Singers: – Raman Mahadevav, Mahalaxmi Ayyar, Manohar Golambare, Ajay Gogawale

Media Consultants: NR2 – The Image Engineers

Revolutionist: – Shardha Ketakar-Vartak, Sarvesh Parab, Santosh Patil

Choreographer:- Rajesh Bidwe, Santosh Bhangre